Remit IT Product and Feature | International Money Transfer Software


Our Money transfer software provides a comprehensive feature which includes KYC, Sanction screening, Transaction Monitoring and Fraud Prevention.

Founded by industry experts with decades of experience within finance, technology and compliance industry, RemitIT® packages the entire money transfer ecosystem in a box allowing for a speedy rollout and support for businesses seeking aggressive growth.

With RemitIT®, your business never walks alone! Our consultancy offering ensures that we walk with you to navigate the difficulties of the remittance business. From research and design to rollout and marketing, we guarantee a top-notch service level without scaled service levels.

Take a look at our features that will help guarantee security, speed and reliability.

Anti Money Laundering monitoring

This anti-money laundering services helps with: Fraud prevention, Transaction Monitoring, Sanction Screening, Political Exposed Persons and extensive Know Your Customer.

Sanction list screening and monitoring

This feature verifies system users against OFAC, EU Freeze list and other sanction lists.

Compliance manager

This feature Includes KYC checks and Volume/Velocity checks with a sophisticated Compliance Rules engine.

Utility bill verification

The software has the ability to verify utility bills.

Agent portal

This feature has the ability to create multiple account for agents to have access to your system.

SMS Gateway

Send SMS right from the platform.

Referral and refer a friend program

This feature allows loyal customers to invite their friends and family to use your platform.

Ambassador program

Reward your loyal customer by making them an ambassador. They get rewarded by spreading your brand name around.

Coupon program

Reward customers by easily creating coupon right from our platform.


Ability to send and receive money in multiple currency.

Email Analysis

Verifies longevity, Name & Address Match.

Phone number verification

We can verify mobile phone numbers by differentiating between VOIP number and phone numbers.

Electronic DNA

Analyze customer payment reputation on a specific device. For example, how many credit card has the customer used on that device.

Identity Verification

Verifies customer Identification document.

Device Analysis

Analyze risk by geographic source, proxy use, High Risk Country, and distance from billing address.

Mobile Agent remittance manager

Customers can register, create and pay a transaction right from their mobile phone or any handheld device.

Multiple login

Ability for the software to be accessed by multiple users

Airtime Top-ups

Allows you to provide airtime to your customer.


Verifies longevity, Name & Address Match.

Bill pay

Allows you to provide utility bill pay to your customers.